Sunday, January 30, 2011

Demi and Selena's friendship story

demi and selena were bestfriends since they were 7 years old. they were always together and nothing would ever separate them... until demi went on tour because of her album Here We Go Again. selena was sooooo bored and taylor swift called up. they met just to hang out and since thatthey, they saw each other really often, and when demi came back and knew about this, she was so jelous. miley cyrus called demi. they met to hang out, like taylor and selena. both were so jelous and missed the other. there was a video on TV were selena saw demi with some fans. one fan asked: hows selena? and dem replied: ASK TAYLOR (swift). selena felt totally hurted and sad. some time after, they met and just felt like hugging and apologizing.

Dedicated to : FARRAHHANIMFAIDZ :)

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